6V 4000mAh NI-MH battery 702722 for Trimble 3600

6.0V 4000mAh 702722 battery used to Trimble 3600

1. 702722 NI-MH battery for Trimble 3600

2.Voltage: 6.0V

3.Capacity: 4000mAh

4.It can work for trimble 3600.

5.Environment temperature when in charge: 10~40 degree C

6. Chargeable Time: 3 hours

7.Providing high quality power,long life,reliable quality,long working hours etc

8.with  PTC protection device,  having the function of preventing  overcharge,discharge,over current(short circuit),overheating

9.Warranty:1 year

10. Reasonable price & on time delivery


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